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Welcome, Magical and Empowered Healer

It's time, now, for you to stand up and walk tall on your path, and create the successful healing business you are dreaming of.
It's time for you to remember your birthright and walk towards your destiny. As you walk, so your destiny begins to form in front of you.
The days of waiting and deferring to others are over. We live in a new world and the Sacred Rising has begun. Are you joining the wave?

Choose a Portal and Begin Exploring - the Key to your Sovereignty Awaits behind these portals

Create A Magical Business Portal

Connect to Your Inner Magic and Create a Thriving and Nourishing Healing Business

Essentially Flowers Portal

Become an Ambassador for the Nature Kingdom with our Accredited Online Diploma Program in Flower & Vibrational Esssences

MoonFlower Essences Portal

Explore Our Custom range of Flower & Vibrational Medicine

Welcome to Sara Estelle

This website is the merging of my work and passion as a Healer, Flower Essence Trainer, Healing Business Owner Mentor, High Priestess and my own passion and connection with the rhythms and cycles of life.

What happens when you immerse yourself in nature, colour, the natural cycles of our planet, the rhythms of the Moon is -

You Remember Who you Truly Are

You forget the learned patterns of trying, pushing, self-comparison, competition and forgetting the Self. And you learn to live, feel and take action from the Inner Pulses of your Being, and the Inner Pulses of the Earth and the Stars.

You learn the language of the heart. You begin to love yourself as the Divine Spark of Nature that you Truly Are, and from this place, beam that light and resonance into the world.

This has been my Journey of Remembering and I am proud and delighted to offer you this experience via this website.

You are most welcome and I invite you to take the portal above that calls your heart:

  • To be inspired to take your work into the world as a Healer with a Nourishing and Thriving Business
  • To Learn more about Flower and Vibrational Medicine and Open yourself to the Support of the Nature Kingdom
  • To find out more about MoonFlower Essences, my own range of Vibrational Essences inspired by the Moon and her ability to illuminate and guide


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