Enjoy these testimonials from Empowered Healer Program participants


Sharon Keenan

Esta Robertson

Fiona Campbell

Wolfgang Riedl



Working with Sara was everything I had hoped it would be and more. For a while I had been thinking about having a mentor, but I had to overcome the old programmed beliefs that I should be able to do it all on my own. The business was going well, so why did I need a mentor? Wasn't it just an extra outgoing to have to cover?

But what I realised was that I was not taking care of myself within the business, and working on your own means that you shoulder all the pressure and wear all the hats. At last year’s BFVEA I found myself walking up to Sara and asking if she did one to one mentoring. She mentioned that one to one’s hadn’t been something she usually did, but recently someone else has asked her too, so I guess the universe was leading us both.

I needed someone who had a business head and also understood working with energy and essences. Being an essence producer meant that I felt I wasn’t able to go to a standard business mentor; I didn’t want to spend time explaining what I did. Sara ticked both of those boxes and she brought so much more to my six months with her.

Before I worked with Sara I lacked focus. Having monthly deep dive sessions with Sara, with a shorter meeting in between, kept me focused and on track, and most importantly, accountable. I really looked forward to our meetings and each month Sara would bring different materials for me to work with to help me see things more clearly, make plans and to develop the structures I already had in place.

She also encouraged me to look inside to find my own inner strength and knowledge, and to not always be looking outwards for support. This reflected itself in my new workshop programme, in which Sara supported me as I worked out what I wanted to accomplish with that, helping me to break it down, bringing in structure but also the feminine flow.

If you are thinking of working with Sara you will find a great listener and also someone who is able to ask the right questions, really making you think, teasing out the information needed to move you forwards. Her understanding of marketing and business and the ability to combine that into the healing world is what we all need right now. The world needs healing and Sara can help support you to enable you to get the healing energies out there.

Kris Davies

Sara has a lovely gentle way of putting across what steps you need to take in a way that gets the job done. Without even realising it, you will move past issues that have held you back through progressive well set out steps, as long as you’re prepared to put the work in yourself. I particularly love the money archetypes tool, as it’s allowed me to understand me at a deeper level and how to create my business as me, as only I can understand. Sara is extremely supportive and has a deep understanding of what’s needed to take you each step of the journey, as she’s been there herself and succeeded. I thoroughly recommend her Seed course to get you where you want to be in your business.

Beverley Morris

I’ve made strong progress since I’ve been in the Seed programme. I can honestly and truly say I would not have made this on my own without the mentoring of Sara’s magical way of taking you through a step by step process. The materials are excellent and it’s packed with inspiration. I feel supported, guided and safe. I really needed supporting to transform and to create the life I want to live.  Sara from the start inspired me as a woman and a successful healer and business creator I knew she was so right for me.
From start I knew she would deliver what she offers if I followed and did the work .I made the commitment on every level to work with Sara's materials that shine the light what was hidden to me and blocked. Sara is a courageous and bold lady who consistently delivers her word her commitment to you. She encourages and gently guides you to the right place. She offers more than the materials - she offers a sacred safe space of genuine care and support I've witnessed this with not just myself but with other members. Sara always acknowledges your progress she has incredible insights for running a successful and organic healing business
Sara's advice is grounded and valuable she is intuitively connected to each of us. She brings you in to a community of inspiring individuals who never give up.
It's a truly wonderful experience, I've gained beyond my expectations.I personally have achieved so much and I know without Sara expertise and magic I would have been a seed without soil.
Sara’s passion for our success shines through always and understands what it is to be a successful professional healer.

Louise Carpenter

I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up to Sara's Empowered Healer courses - first the Seed programme and now the Bud programme. For years I had been trying to make a go of supporting myself through teaching yoga and offering transformative and healing one to one work but was struggling to make ends meet and more importantly, didn't know how to move things forward.
This guidance, support and mentoring with Sara has made a world of difference. I now feel much clearer about what I am doing and what is required to develop my healing business. The course materials are clear and straightforward and very effectively guide you through the steps to take. We have regular meetings as a group with Sara which are incredibly valuable in themselves giving us the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and receive support from others who understand and can offer insight and encouragement. I feel that I am starting to own more fully the value of what I have to offer and am finding ways to attract the clients I am here for and who will benefit most from engaging with what I do. I have started the process of bringing my work onto the global on-line platform which, as a way of reaching and benefiting many more people, as well as being more sustainable for me, is something I am really pleased about.
On a personal level it is such a relief to be part of a community of people who "get" me and to be involved in doing business in more feminine ways, including marketing and selling which I realise now, I knew next to nothing about. It is such a gift to be supported and guided by Sara as she is passionate about helping us get our work out there in ways which are nurturing and nourishing of ourselves - she is totally dedicated and puts a huge amount of care and effort into her work with us frequently adding extras beyond the course content.
I thoroughly recommend Sara's Empowered Healer programmes - they are both worth and reflect the investment committed and have the potential to move both you and your healing business forward in really positive ways.

Kelly Gill

Before investing in this course, my biggest concern was my relationship with money. I found it hard to allow money into my life, seeing it as something quite negative. I found it hard to charge people for treatments, as a healer I felt like I should be offering this for free or for a very small amount. This meant that I wasn’t earning very much money despite years of studying and working very hard.
Since taking part in this course, my healing business is going from strength to strength. I’ve invested more money into rebranding the whole business, launched new products and I’m now working on my new ebook. I feel confident with my prices and I’m now earning a living doing what I love.
I’m now earning more money from my work which means we have more freedom to do things we love such as travelling. For me, earning more money was never about buying more “stuff”, it was about new experiences and adventures.
The biggest discovery for me was learning my Sacred Money Archetypes, everything made so much more sense once I knew what they were. It made sense why I struggled with money, why I was nervous to invest in myself and my business and why I never enjoyed working a “normal job”. It was a wonderful experience to learn more about myself and ways I could create more balance and be more aligned with the life I was trying to create.
It took a lot of courage for me to invest money in this training but it was completely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. The archetype work is really transformational and the meditations are amazing.

Maria Bourke

Sara Turner’s Create a Magical Business FREE Introductory Training arrived in my life at the perfect moment and I signed up. I have long been aware that I am a very strong and dependable support to many people around me but this level of support and the kind of like-minded supporters I really needed was sadly lacking for me – both in my life and in my business. Over the years I have done so much personal development work to clear this and had written affirmations to have the right support in my life.
I listened to the whole webinar and instinctively knew that Sara was the kind of cheerleader I needed – operating from a Spiritual mindset – but most importantly gentle and encouraging in her approach. I am very good at using “the stick” on myself…I needed someone who would guide and encourage me “with carrots”! The really tricky thing for me was complete lack of money. I had no idea how I could pay but I new I desperately needed the support and fast. I agreed a payment plan with Sara that worked for both of us and soon learned that the reason for my tricky finances lay in my Number 1 Money Archetype. Having been on my journey of self discovery for over 20 years Money Archetypes were amazingly all new to me but a vital piece I need to understand, work with and master.
This course has been a huge factor in my success and progress. I highly recommend Sara Turner. She is a PRO. I love the Create a Magical Business Seed course…it ranks up there with the best investments I have EVER made.

Diana Defries

..I was grappling with feelings of not being “enough”, and felt stuck and despondent. My energies were quite scattered through taking on too much and I felt very overwhelmed. I now have a much clearer sense of where my unique skill set fits into the healing world and am becoming clearer and more focused. I no longer feel overwhelmed or despondent, I get more done and feel more upbeat. Sara has a gentle way of persuading people to move towards their goals. You will never feel bullied or cajoled but you will find answers. There are exercises and processes to help you along the way and plenty of support throughout. Sara’s training provided more than I expected.  

Chris Martin

I have been working as an Aromatherapist for 18 years. I launched my product range based on essential oils, however it has never really got going, I was unsure how to promote it and lacked confidence and self -belief that it was good enough.The course has really opened my eyes and made me realise my own worth and that I am my business. I am now asking for payment, whereas before I may have been hesitant, especially for missed appointments and for sample products where before I would have given them away.  I am also much more confident in promoting myself.  

Morwenna Brady

Before I started the Create a Magical Business programme, I felt daunted about taking my business out into the world. I now feel that I have gained valuable tools in which I have used to help me understand my business and to help it to grow. I have recently taken my work to a new level and feel that the programme has been fundamental it this. With Sara's support and guidance I have clarity in my vision and future.