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Aromatherapy Product Making Course

Supporting Energy Based Practices

Teaching you how to make aromatherapy products using our vibrationally pure range of essential oils.

How can we help YOU to create your vision in life using our Blends of Essential Oils?

Ever wanted to support yourself and your family with products using high grade essential oils?

Are you a complementary health therapist or health care practitioner and would love to support your clients with products made with essential oils between consultations, but don’t have the time or desire to study aromatherapy at college?

Are you an aromatherapist who would like to further your learning in the art of product making using trusted blends of essential oils?

Would you like to create your own range of products using essential oils and market and advertise them widely both safely and compliantly?

With our Aromatherapy Product Making Qualification you can accomplish all of this!

This is a certified and insurable course teaching you all you need to know to create your own range of products using Katseye Blends of Essential oils. The course is facilitated by Sara Estelle Turner, Owner of Essentially Flowers Training.

Our passion is to help you build and nurture your vision using our blends of essential oils for yourself, those you love, to enhance your business practice and maybe also to create your own range of products.


  • How to use the blends following aromatherapy contraindications, safe and effective dilutions (taught in aromatherapy qualifications)
  • How to make different kinds of products using creams, lotions, shower gels etc., incorporating the blends for safe and effective application both in a clinical context and for resale
  • How to work safely and compliantly within the UK rules and regulations applying to products made using the blends
  • Full blend descriptions of all 26 energetic blends
  • Detailed feedback from your tutor on each of your 12 workbooks
  • 2 x 30 minute phone (or Skype) support sessions with your tutor
  • Invitation to join our secure forum where you can meet others who have followed/are following the same course


This 6 month online course is available right now for just £797

Full Payment Option is £797

Or if you prefer you can pay in 6 monthly instalments of £133

Your Course Investment includes the following bonuses for the duration of your 6 months of study:

  • Invitation to our monthly New Moon Webinars so that you can set intentions and plan your personal and professional life with the lunar cycle as your guide (Value £97)
  • Invitation to join our next Manifesting with the Moon 29 day online journey (Value £97)

Click or download here to read a Full Description of our Aromatherapy Product Making Certificate in Essential Oils

Want to gain a qualification in Flower And Vibrational Medicine at the same time as learning how to make your own essential oil products? When you join our Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, you can also benefit from a half price 12 Module in-depth exploration of our Energetic Blends. To find out more, visit the Essentially Flowers Portal on this website.

Enjoy this video conversation with Sara Estelle and Angie Twydall, who has created her own aromatherapy product range using the Energetic Katseye Blends.

Overview of our Energetic Blends of Essential Oils

Chakra Blends

moonflower essential oils - chakra blends

8 Chakra Blends

A blend for each of the chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown

Plus a harmonising Chakra Balance Blend. View the Chakra Blends of Essential Oils in our shop.

Colour Blends

moonflower essential oils category - colour blends

13 Colour Blends

This collection takes you through the full spectrum of colour from White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Purple and Crimson.

View the Colour Blends of Essential Oils in our shop.

Seasonal Blends

moonflower essential oils category image for life seasons

5 Seasonal Blends

Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter

View the Seasonal Blends of Essential Oils in our Shop.