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Accredited Diploma and Transformational Journey in Flower and Vibrational Essences

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Our insurable, online Diploma is accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association.

We have graduated over 60 practitioners since 2012. We’d be honoured if you would join us!

Enrolment is now OPEN for 2020!

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Visualise your life with a full connection to Source, a deep knowing you have found your place and your tribe and feelings of being safe, heard and no longer alone. Breathe in trust, an inner knowing of being centered and grounded in your truth and your gifts and a certainty that there is always a way to let go of what no longer serves - the big parts and tiny parts that just will not leave you. My own journey with nature and Flower and Vibrational Essences showed me that all of this was fully possible and waiting for me - all I had to do was stop and choose.

Visualise with me a world where you are fully healed and you are able to pass on this beautiful gift to others with this gentle yet profound way of healing. This is my vision and my passion in supporting YOU to Step into your Divine Leadership and become a specialist in the healing powers of Flower and Vibrational Essences AND build a unique and heart centred healing practice to share your gifts with others.

Weaving together my experience of the vast healing properties of many diverse flower essence ranges with the unique and universal language of flowers – colour, shapes, signatures and much more, this Diploma journey brings together the very best of my own learning over the past 30 years. If you know deep within your heart that nature holds the key to what you desire for in life yet struggle with feelings of isolation, lack of self-worth and knowing how to truly co-create with nature in your life - and perhaps healing business - in a way that is joyful, sustainable and of service to yourself, those you are here to serve and our beautiful planet, then read on. I'd love for you to share this journey with me.

Is 2020 YOUR year to join us?

Our Diploma IS a professional qualification (and accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association) but first and foremost, it is a profound and life-changing journey.

Learn the wonderful legacy left by Dr Edward Bach and his 38 English flower essences. Become an expert in using the Bach Essences through an intuitive and practical approach by exploring the value of this range and also how you can use them topically on the skin and on acupuncture points.

Experience a wide range of essences by producers from different continents – essences from around the world that have varying vibrations and healing qualities. We experience some of the "larger", more well-known ranges and also some "smaller' ranges - each has its value and by feeling into their energies, you know which range is the one to use at any given time.

Learn to choose essences in feminine, intuitive ways - using your heart resonance as a guide (as opposed to your head/mind). Repertories have a valuable place in helping us choose essences yet the heart and intuitive processes offer an approach connected to the sacred ancient paths of working with nature, and ultimately offer a deeper and yet more gentle journey.

Feel more alive and connected to your true self faster and with much less resistance by learning to apply flower essences to the skin as well as taking them internally. As a qualified Floral Acupuncture Practitioner I will be sharing with you the invaluable modality of Floral Acupuncture.

Learn to feel the “essence” of each range and therefore their potential for you by exploring each module and listening to the interviews sent to you each month where I interview the top flower essence producers featured in this Diploma and by using the essences sent to you each month both internally and topically,

Learn what vibrations suit your own constitution and as a result choose essences that resonate deeply within you. Your journey is unique yet also rich in experience and healing.

Experience the profound healing powers of the nature kingdom as a stepping stone to developing an inner knowing of who you, transcending any life challenges and stepping into your own power. Building a successful and thriving practice is also a key component of this Diploma Journey – so your materials also support a creation of a practice/business so that allows you to share your gifts immediately in a way that nourishes and nurtures you and your clients.

My aim is to support you as you make this journey so that you emerge not only with a professional qualification, the ability to guide clients and loved ones with their own healing and create a successful healing practice but most importantly as a wiser, more confident YOU – more in touch with your heart’s desires and knowing the path to YOUR true potential.

Is This You?

  • You are a complementary therapist, healer, coach or pure nature being who is called to take a journey with nature and perhaps add flower and vibrational essences to your life and business
  • You have a deep love of the nature kingdom and feel called to become an expert in her healing gifts and become an ambassador and bridge for reintroducing this gentle yet profound modality back into our world
  • You are ready to experience a personal profound and life-changing journey that you can pass onto your clients
  • You wish to add a new level of depth to your personal and professional life – enabling yourself and your clients to move beyond old patterns, old beliefs and to become the Empowered Being that you truly are
  • You want to become an expert in the use of internal and topical flower essences and learn to use multiple ranges of essences from around the world
  • You want an insurable and professional qualification that is also accredited with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association
  • An online course appeals to you as it allows you to study in the comfort of your own home and at times convenient to you yet also offers personal guidance and support
  • You want your healing practice/business to reach many people and to nourish you on all levels – including earning you a comfortable living
  • You are ready to resolve your own life challenges and to emerge from this Diploma as an empowered and gifted healer
  • You feel excited at the prospect of learning at a deep level and have the courage to face all that has held you back in your life so far
  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded, heart-centered people who are taking the journey alongside you

What a difference flower essences can make

Today I look and feel totally different to when I first began this journey. On my journey to wholeness, I have experienced many different complementary modalities and all of them helped enormously. The one that began my journey and that opened my heart to the truth of who I am was flower medicine. And this is the way I now lead my life. I am grateful for the level of peace and happiness I feel today – so much of this is down to my work with essences and the devic kingdom and how they have taught me to embrace who I am, forgive the past and look to the future. I share my life with my soul partner Ian and our two cats and we live in a beautiful home in South West France. Our lives are content and we feel a sense of fulfilment with our lives and an ever growing sense of who we are and why we are here.

I invite you to take this journey towards reclaiming your own inner voice and creating the life and healing practice you were born to lead and share…..the journey is life changing and profoundly beautiful.


What do some of our graduates say?

See more testimonials here.

  • devorah harrow testimonial portrait image
    As a Cranio-Balance therapist for years before I met Sara, I had quite a knowledge base as well as experience. And so it was with great pleasure and surprise that the Flower Essence Diploma course provided me with not only a passion for Flower Essences, but with an education into the greater aspects of healing and the energy world that I had not yet experienced.

    I found the Diploma to provide an above and beyond education experience about chakras, intuition, our own journey, our strengths as empaths, and intuitive practice. Sara opens our eyes and allows us to experience essences of all types from many different ranges, introducing us to the different flower essence producers, and to various other therapies and aspects of healing as well.

    I loved that I not only got a great education and found a passion for Flower Essences, but I found myself in a community of like minded wonderful women who are now a major part of my social network, great friends and a source of support.

    Sara is a teacher and mentor like no other, generous and sincere in her encouragement and belief in her students. She sees our strengths and stands behind us and beside us cheering us on and nudging us forward in encouragement of fulfilling our greatest potential.

    I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their passion and experience in the healing world.
    Devorah Harow
    Beit Roga,Online Only Course Participant, Israel
  • elizabeth lawless testimonial portrait image
    This course has quite literally been life changing for me and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take part.

    With the support of Sara and the other students, as well as the flower and gem essences, I have the confidence to really connect with my inner self and listen to my heart, which has opened up a world of opportunities in work and my personal life.

    Elizabeth Lawless
    The Wellness Pharmacist
  • linda perry testimonial portrait image
    This course is life changing, life affirming and a joy to undertake. What the flowers and gems bring to your life is nothing that you can foresee. The course is supportive, fun, interesting, creative, inspiring and I have made a group of friends for life. The weekends, heart space gatherings and webinars have given me the opportunity not only to make new friends but to connect with people who I maybe would not have met in any other way, and has also given me a network of like minded colleagues.

    The information provided is informative and easily available whenever you need it. All facilitated by Sara who is truly supportive and genuinely cares about how much we develop ourselves as our businesses. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for being able to undertake this course. The whole experience has been life changing personally and professionally and only for the better. I would highly recommend it.

    Linda Perry
    Natural Magick Aromatherapy
  • I was very happy to find Sara’s Flower Essence Diploma Program online. I had worked for Alaskan Essences with Steve Johnson and the team there for 3 years from 2009 to 2012, and was not able to complete my practitioner training during that time for varying reasons. When I moved to Ireland in 2014, I was eager to find someone who was teaching a practitioner course locally in Europe. Sara’s Essentially Flowers Diploma Program was suggested to me by Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences and also by Ann Callaghan of Indigo Essences. 

    As soon as I spoke to Sara the first time, I knew that it was the right course and was excited to start the Diploma right away. It has been a dream come true to become a flower essence practitioner and to work with the Nature Kingdom. I also wanted to learn the many different aspects involved in the making of flower essences. I was so happy to learn about many different ranges of essences and the producers of these ranges as part of the Diploma. 

    The course is a journey in learning more about yourself as well. Each module teaches you how color, shape, application methods, and intuition can be used in experiencing the essences. Each experience takes you deeper into yourself and your own healing journey. The attended weekends in France are such a joy and so much knowledge is shared in a very efficient and easy way in order to learn the concepts that are spoken and taught about. 

    There is so much support offered during the course including webinars, conference calls, flower buddy sessions, a Facebook forum, and email correspondence. You never feel alone and can always reach out for help if it is needed. I found this aspect very helpful and it is nice to have the experience of all the others completing the course and previous graduates also. 

    I would highly recommend the Diploma in Flower Essences to anyone wanting to learn more about flower, gem, and vibrational essences. It is such a joy to now feel that I can go out into the world as a very well rounded and educated flower and vibrational essence practitioner. I look forward to moving forward on the path of my dreams!

    Michelle Nilson
  • morwenna brady testimonial portrait image
    The Diploma has been a magical journey for me. When I joined I had lost my husband just over a year before. I was focused and keen to do the course but also experiencing a great deal of raw grief.

    This course has gently supported me along this journey whilst gifting me with knowledge and experience that I can now take out into the world so that I may help others with similar experiences embrace grief as a natural part of life, and to journey with it naturally with the support of nature.

    I have also grown a great deal in confidence with the support of Sara and the Diploma community. I have a heart full of love and gratitude that I have been blessed to have had this magical life changing experience with essences.  

    Morwenna Brady
    Earth Moon Creations
  • sally arthurs testimonial portrait image
    When I began the Diploma in Flower Essences with Sara I had no idea just what a transformation it would mean for me on a personal level. The course is well delivered, highly informative and comes with an extensive level of support and encouragement. The way the modules are taught takes you on a journey of self discovery and healing that enhances the learning process, giving both a firm foundation and a confidence to explore deeper and grow at your own pace.

    It gives you confidence in your ability to work with others and support them on their journey.

    This course has been the most worthwhile I have ever done. As soon as I was immersed in the course work it changed from a purely learning experience to a journey of personal discovery and healing, and a real feeling of understanding what working with essences can do for others.

    It is definitely a life changer and I can’t recommend this course highly enough!

    Sally Arthurs
    Essentially Your Soul

Course Syllabus

During this 12 Module course you will learn about and experience many essence ranges from around the world

  • Bach Healing Herbs
  • Australian Bush Essences
  • Alaskan Essences
  • FES Essences
  • Indigo Essences
  • Spirit in Nature (formerly Masters) Essences
  • Flowers of the Orient Essences
  • Fox Mountain Essences
  • Petite Fleur Essences
  • Wild Medicine Essences
  • Moonflower Essences™
  • Wild Earth Animal Essences

Other essence ranges are also be discussed and explored during the course.

How do I benefit by learning about different ranges of essences?

The experiencing of different vibrations of flower essences of varying colours, shapes and that grow in climates very different from your own is a way of fine-tuning the self to feel and attune with vibrations that are resonant with the Self. By learning to do this for yourself, you will then be able to do this for others. Working with the major international ranges of essences also helps you – as a practitioner – develop an extensive repertoire of inner and outer knowledge and your own personal tool kit of essences that work with you as you help yourself, those you love and your clients..

Our Diploma is not dependent on any one range of essences. It is intended that on graduating from this course, you will have broad experience of many different types of essences/vibrations and therefore of which vibrations and ranges are resonant with you as a person/practitioner.

Key Benefits

Why study with Essentially Flowers?

Become an expert in the use of flower essences

Each module we supply you with a flower essence to use as you journey through the materials. You are also encouraged to take essences internally as required to uplift, relax and smooth your path through this Diploma. You will be guided to choose essences for yourself each month in your workbook and invited to share and learn from other course participants. Sara Estelle has been using vibrational essences for over 30 years and understands deeply how supportive this modality can be to help us navigate through life.

Learn to use flower essences topically including Floral Acupuncture

As a qualified Floral Acupuncture Practitioner, Sara Estelle shares with you a whole module dedicated to Floral Acupuncture. You will be encouraged in each Module to begin feeling the difference between internal and external use of essences. This is such a transformative and unique aspect of the Diploma and loved and appreciated by our participants.

Learn about and feel the deep support of Gem and Environmental Essences

Gem Essences feel different to flower essences – this difference in vibration is explored in this journey. You are also encouraged to explore and experience environmental essences. Embracing these three key different aspects of vibrational medicine allows you to develop into a highly attuned and experienced practitioner and user of this modality.

Become an expert in many different ranges of flower essences from around the world

Each month you take a chosen essence from the Range of the Month and document your experience while taking it. By sequentially taking one essence from 12 different ranges, you will experience the vibrational differences between each range and learn which vibrations best suit your own and your practice.

We include a whole module on the background and history of flower essences – including the study of Dr Edward Bach

As students of flower and vibrational essences, it is key to honour the modern heritage of what you are learning. The Bach Essences are studied in Module One and you are encouraged to work with them in further modules so that on qualification, you have a working knowledge of this very valuable range. You will graduate from this Diploma knowing this core range experientially for both internal and topical use.

Learn to making your own flower and vibrational essences – using traditional and more modern approaches

You are encouraged to begin to make your own essences (flower, gem, colour, environmental) during this Diploma using the plants that grow in your neighbourhood. Your course books give descriptions of different methods of making vibrational essences. Many of our course participants go on to have their own ranges of essences.

Learn different methods of diagnosis – including intuitive diagnosis, dowsing and muscle testing

Trial a selection of diagnostic methods of choosing essences – such as intuitive diagnosis, dowsing and muscle testing – and find the ones that suit you and the way you work. Be amazed at how much your intuitive self develops during this Diploma and how you begin to just KNOW which essences you and/or your clients need.

Methods of dilution, storage of essences

Learn how to make dosage bottles from stock dilution and the best ways to store your collection of essences. Flower signatures

Each flower, plant, tree speaks to us through its shape and colour – learn to recognise this language called the Doctrine of Signatures, which tells us much about the essence/the message of the plant.

Become an expert in the energetics of colour

Take a journey each month through the colour wheel – white, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet, purple, magenta and crimson. Each month the essence you take will be of one of the above colours – and so your energy system will learn the vibration of each colour and which colour vibrations best suit you.

Experience first hand the physical body as energy through learning about the chakra system and subtle energy bodies

Learn to see yourself as a being of light – through the subtle energy bodies and the chakra system. Each month reflect upon the health of your chakras – visiting one of the major chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, thymus, brow and crown) and some of the minor chakras each month.

Treat children and animals in your practice

Both animals and children love to take essences and you can be of great service by offering your services in this way. Our Diploma supports and guides you to offer and use essences in this way should you wish to.

Feel confident as a Practitioner

Reflect upon your own experience of being a listener and being listened to; we cover the basic principles of counselling such as confidentiality, congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy.

Study Plant Spirit Medicine and meet the elemental beings that overlight the Nature Kingdom

Reconnect back to plant consciousness and therefore how we are all part of the whole - this is the basic premise of all that you learn in this Diploma

Keep your own physical space clear with flower essences

Clearing external space is another way of facilitating huge shifts in your consciousness – detailed guidelines as to how to space clear using essences is covered in this Diploma


What else is included that you may not find in other flower essence courses?

An in-depth introductory consultation with an Essentially Flowers Trained Practitioner (your Flower Buddy) during your first month of study. This helps you start your flower journey with clarity and confidence – smoothing out any energy imbalances in your system right from the start. Suggestions will be made during this Consultation as to what essences you can take to overcome any obstacles currently felt in your energy system. This same person becomes your Flower Buddy.

3 x 1 hours calls with your assigned Flower Buddy to be taken during your time of supported study. These calls are 1:1 and offered as a way to receive support and guidance both personally and as a Trainee Practitioner from someone who has already taken this journey.

Detailed coverage of topical usage of essences including Floral Acupuncture and the body mapping system as presented by Dietmar Kramer. As a qualified and experienced Practitioner in Floral Acupuncture, I help you experience the profound energetic healing that is available through this modality – that is not widely taught in most other vibrational healing courses.

Access to a resource library of interviews on topics that arise as part of your journey as an individual and a practitioner.

Access to recordings of interviews recorded between myself and key individuals who work in the world of healing – examples are June McLeod (author of Colours of the Soul), Warren Bellows (co-author of Floral Acupuncture), Diantha Harris (Author of Simply Colour). Included to keep you inspired and connected on your journey.

PLUS You get these generous bonuses included in this professional qualification, valued at over £800

Access to a full video series where I show you how to make your very own flower and environmental essences. Perfect for you if you are wishing to create your own flower essence range. Value: £197

Access to a Tai Chi energy balancing video. As a Tai Chi Instructor I know what a profound difference doing regular basic exercises like these can make. These exercises are wonderful daily grounding and balancing exercises – perfect to use before and after clients and to maintain your energetic balance as your practice grows. Value: £97

A downloadable Heart space meditation – so that you have a constant and instant access to your heart space whenever you need it. The more you practice, the easier it is to be there instantly. Value: £9.99

Super bonus access to attend our Manifesting with the Moon Journeys for the duration of your time of supported study – should you wish to participate. The Journeys are valued at £97 for each 29-Day Journey.

Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes and learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money and identify steps you can take to own your own value, with confidence and clarity. As a Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach, I am passionate about supporting Healers just like you feel comfortable with earning a nourishing income that both takes care of you, those you love and the Earth. Value: £179


What our Amazing Graduates Say!

  • Before I began the Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences, I was feeling lost and alone. I was going through a very emotional time in my life, and this led to anxiety and depression. I had followed my spiritual path for a number of years but it felt like I had fallen down a black hole into the darkness and I could not find a way out. I started researching natural remedies and I found the Dr Bach flower essences. I had no idea how to take them and how they would help, however, they felt so right for me. I found a book and started learning about them as well as taking them. The little bottles felt like a nectar to my soul; I started to feel calmer and not so much in my head all the time. I could not leave home without them, they went with me everywhere, and were so helpful to me when I felt my emotions beginning to go all over the place.

    I started to follow Sara on Facebook and I loved what she shared about them. I read about the Diploma and felt this is what I wanted to do. I arranged a clarity call with Sara to find out more, and after that call, the calling to learn more was larger than ever. In November 2018 I was accepted into the Diploma. Now that I have graduated, I feel I have found myself and what I am on the earth to do. It’s taken me until age 61 to find this. I value myself so much more now, knowing I can do everything and not doubting my abilities. I have more confidence in speaking in front of people, which I never had before.

    The Support throughout the Diploma was amazing. We had monthly meetings and gatherings to share how we were going on the modules, as each module you take a flower essence.I received excellent feedback and guidance on all workbooks. Taking the Flower Essence Diploma journey helped me to step up ,step out ,and speak up.

  • For a long time before I came into the Diploma I had wanted to deepen my knowledge of working with flower essences and become a professional practitioner. I was divinely guided to start my flower journey and I have loved and enjoyed every aspect. Taking the Diploma has been life changing in so may ways. I feel as though I have found myself, connected to 'me', and I feel more confident and at ease with myself. It's been an incredible journey of connecting to the magic of nature and I felt very supported. I found the content of the course to be very well structured and as I went through the twelve modules, they each built on each other and far exceeded my expectations.

    Taking the Diploma journey has been so much more than training to be a practitioner. It has helped me to open and improve my intuition and has taught me to connect to feelings in a very expanded way. I feel as though I have found self-belief. I loved going on the attended weekends; the location is very special, you are surrounded by beautiful nature and the hosts looked after us very well. The amazing vegetarian food was all part of the experience and I felt incredibly nurtured.  This Diploma experience has opened me up to so much, and I have grown in so many ways. I am forever grateful that I was able to do it. Throughout the course I have experienced some huge life changes and I was incredibly well supported and fully held and guided through it all with gentle and loving encouragement and wisdom, which kept me going through some very difficult times.

    Being part of an online group where I could connect with others who are taking or have finished the diploma has been a crucial part. I have learned to reach out and ask for support when I need to, and to be able to then support others and I have found amazing friendships. It feels like I am part of something really special and it's amazing to be around like-minded people.

    I would encourage anyone that is called to connect with nature in a deep way to take this course. It has been a powerful journey of remembering magic, wisdom and strength and also remembering who I am. I have found self-belief, self-love strength and empowerment.  I also learnt to be more in my heart and out of my head. I have found fulfilment, transformation and deep healing on my flower healing journey. I now experience a deeper connection with nature and it has changed my life forever. I cannot quite believe that I have done it; it has been a dream come true. It is not just a course -  it is an amazing journey of transformation. I am not the same person I was when I started.

    I am so glad that I took the Diploma with Sara. She has created this very magical pathway of learning and connection to nature which I feel is a calling to remembrance of who we truly are and studying flower essence therapy opens up many doors to be happier, and more balanced and loving towards ourselves and other people and the world around us. This course has been incredibly well put together.

    Anneli Salisbury
  • sascha maple testimonial portrait image
    This Diploma was something I had wanted to do for many years and never thought it would be possible. Two years ago, my life had some positive changes which enabled me to sign up for this Diploma. I was over the moon and living in a state of disbelief for quite a while!

    I have found this Diploma to be one of the best things I have ever done in my life and have really enjoyed every moment. Each module I completed helped me grow as a person, helping me to figure out who I was and helping me to believe in myself. I have grown from a seed to the biggest, most beautiful flower.

    I cannot recommend this course highly enough, it’s a very informative, thorough course with amazing support on hand. Although this course was mainly done at home I never felt alone, always someone to help you when it was needed.

    I just want to thank Sara and her team for making this course possible, I am now ready to use what I have learnt and help others become the people they truly want to be.

    Sascha Maple
  • aodaoin hathaway testimonial portrait image
    This Diploma is a life-changing course. The beauty, vision, healing, and support offered by the vibrational essences will take you on a journey over the course of a year that will forever change you; and on every step of this adventure you will be supported by Sara and her Magical Team, both elemental and physical!

    The course is beautifully sequenced, module building upon module in every respect, and supports you in learning intellectually and intuitively. Sara’s knowledge of her field is vast and deep, and she shares her wisdom here with generosity and clarity.

    The Diploma is a magical creation that succeeds on every level, leaving its graduates with a profound knowledge of the nature kingdom and all its gifts, and a deep inner knowing of their own hearts and paths.

    Aodaoin Hathaway
    Dances With Dragons
  • navine hafez testimonial portrait image
    I want to thank you Sara for the great space and experience you allowed and provided during this year.

    Your professionalism in putting the course together, your easy way of explaining the material, and your heavenly selected essences taken during those 12 months have opened inside me doors, released limitations and enabled the flow of my real self to find its purpose.

    Nevine Hafez
  • diane campbell testimonial portrait image
    The Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences was well presented in a logical sequence and easy to follow, with support where it was needed. It was good to be able to learn at my own pace online but equally good to meet up with others on the attended weekends. I feel that I have been given the relevant grounding in the therapy to be able to use it within my existing practice.

    It has been an incredible journey into the fascinating world of flowers and Mother Nature. I feel humbled and truly blessed to have this knowledge at my fingertips. I loved coming along to the attended weekends to connect with the other students and have the shared experience. Learning how to do things like making an essence brings it all to life, and helps you remember it, along with the other exercises we do.

    Talking with the other students allows a deeper understanding - by them sharing their experiences it cements each other's knowledge. It’s good to connect with Sara in person and to tap in to her vast knowledge, and experience the support.

    Diane Campbell
    The Lavender Room


What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Diploma Program?

It is advised that you have a foundational experience of using flower and vibrational medicine before commencing this Diploma. However, we have graduated many amazing Practitioners who were new to essences at the beginning of their Diploma. So if you feel a strong call, please get in touch for us to explore whether this is the right Diploma for you.

Anatomy and Physiology – a minimum of 30 hours is necessary to obtain a BFVEA accredited qualification. Anatomy and Physiology is not covered in this Diploma. Participants may have already trained in an equivalent A&P qualification.

For those participants who have not and wish to become a Member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA), please note that a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology up to a minimum Level 2 (approximately 30 hours of training) is needed. Mandala Courses offer an accredited Anatomy and Physiology online training. Please enquire for more details.

Submission Requirements

What are the course completion requirements in order to receive the Essentially Flowers Diploma?

Required Submissions: 12 Completed Study Workbooks, 1 Reflective Journal, 9 Individual Case Studies. All students wishing to obtain an Essentially Flowers Certification will need to submit their completed study workbooks for each Module (i.e. 12 Modules), submit a reflective journal kept over the 12 Modules documenting personal experiences with the essences and 9 individual case studies.

Participants wishing to obtain a UK recognised insurable qualification and also accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association will need to also attend the 3 weekends.

Our weekends have been held just outside Bordeaux, France in a spacious and nature based retreat centre. Many participants find this aspect of their journey the most enriching as they receive a complete immersion in nature, essences and get to make life-long flower friends. However, due to current global challenges and travel restrictions, our weekends are currently being held virtually - with full accreditation still available.

Two additional client case studies from each student from in-class client sessions which take place during Weekends 2 and 3 of the attended weekends (or by prior arrangement with your Essentially Flowers Assistant Tutor) are also required for this option.

All participants have a maximum of 24 months to submit all aspects of your Diploma. Support for 15 months is included in the cost of your Diploma. If you should require further support to complete, extended support packages are available.

Would you like to know more? Here are your Next Steps on your Flower Journey

This diploma programme is offered in two formats, the Full-Attended Course and the Online-only Course. The Full-Attended Course includes participation at three weekend workshops in-person in South West France. This option is available to you if you can travel to France for the weekend workshops that are part of this course and wish for an accredited, insurable Diploma. The second format is an online-only study course and perfect for you if you live outside Europe, or do not wish to travel or obtain an accredited qualification. You will still experience a deep immersion and self healing. We have many participants who have taken this Diploma from afar - namely the USA, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt, Iceland

Our Diploma and Transformational Journey is currently open for enrolment. Acceptance into this Diploma Programme is by interview. If you would like to take part please book a time to speak to Sara Estelle via the diary link on this page or send an email to



Here are some experiences from our Graduates…

  • Having used flower essence for myself, family and friends for twenty years, I had the opportunity to start Sara's Diploma to gain a qualification in order to change from my long-standing academic career to being a professional practitioner in this modality. Little did I know at the time of enrolment what a life-changing and magical journey this was going to be. I was soon to discover that this experience was going to be more about my own healing journey and self-development than just a qualification. 

    As a mother of five and a freelance worker, the easily accessible online study at my own pace fitted in with my busy lifestyle. The downloadable materials interviews and resources are of a very high standard and are well supported by monthly heartspace gatherings, classroom style webinars and one-to-one flower buddy support. The course is an in-depth study of many aspects of energy medicine, tools, techniques and intuitive practice, whereby through each separate Module, you are able to gradually build on your understanding, both intellectually and intuitively, gaining confidence and an extensive knowledge to support others on their own healing journey. 

    The highlight for me was the residential weekends in France, where as well as learning in a supportive environment with Sara and her assistant, it was as though I had escaped for a much needed retreat to be nurtured and connect with like-minded people, as well as the elemental Kingdom of the beautiful surroundings. From these weekends, I have shared and grounded my learning and experiences in a community of peers, whom I feel deeply connected to and expect to become life-long friends. I have found my spiritual family.

    As I travelled along my Diploma journey, I soon realised that I had been an observer of my life up until this point and not fully embodied or participating, despite my achievements. I had deeply held fears of visibly being a healer, which had held me back in the past. These were dissipated by the profound support of the essences, the elemental and plant kingdoms, as well as the gentle and professional support and encouragement of Sara and her team. The result of this was a transformative personal experience of profound energy healing, reconnecting me back to my inner heart wisdom. I will forever be grateful for having this life-changing opportunity and seeing it through to its completion. I truly opened out from a sealed bud into a blossoming flower, ready to take my healing gifts into the world. 

    Emma Nixon
  • I absolutely loved every moment of this Diploma. I knew I had to do this when I saw the diploma details and I was not wrong! This is a life-changing journey as well as a learning journey and worth every penny and every moment spent doing the course. It took me further than I could ever have imagined.

    Doing the diploma on line was not a detached or isolated experience because there is so much support from the tutors, the flower buddies, the forum and others on the course. Real, genuine, caring support. The diploma brought flower essences and the related subjects to beautiful life.

    Victoria Standen
    Animal Communicator and Flower Essence Producer
  • rebecca millar testimonial image
    I started my journey with Sara Turner in May 2014 with a 7 day journey to Reconnect with Your True Inner Nature, followed by a Sacred Money Alignment and the Manifesting with the Moon summer solstice. I really enjoyed the month journeying with the Manifesting with the Moon and became interested in using flower essences to help cope with depression and overwhelm. By the end of 2014 two major changes had occurred in my family and I again turned to the Manifesting with the Moon (winter solstice) to plan how I was going to cope from that point. The answer came with the ‘call’ to take part in Sara’s Diploma in Flower & Vibrational medicine.

    Throughout my journey on the Diploma I have felt incredibly supported by Sara, her team of tutors, flower buddies and the students; through two monthly online meetings, awesome feedback on my workbooks and an online support group where we swap information, gain encouragement and confidence, and most importantly have a place to ask for and be given emotional support. My journey with the Diploma has seen me emerge from the dark place of becoming the mum of a child newly diagnosed child with type 1 diabetes and a single parent in the matter of 6 weeks to a life changing relocation with my family to enable me to support them as a Practitioner of Flower and Vibrational Essences.

    In myself I have changed out of all recognition. I no longer suffer with anxiety, depression or negative mind chatter; they have been replaced with peace, self-love, living in the moment and a deep love and respect for our beautiful Gaia. I shall ever be grateful to Sara and this amazing, life changing Diploma.

    Rebecca Millar
  • kelly ann finan testimonial portrait image
    I would highly recommend this Diploma course. I found the course to be extremely well structured, and by far the most healing and enjoyable I have ever done. Anyone who does this Diploma will discover, as I did, the biggest ‘Life Gift’ of all– and that is the love and support that is ever present in nature for all of us.

    I am so grateful to have found Sara and be able to do this Diploma online – it has changed my life for the better.

    Kelly-Ann Finan
    Aeracura Essences (Argentina)
  • dr. julia flash testimonial portrait image
    This Diploma has been the best course I have ever taken. It is a truly life changing experience to be connected to the amazing Nature Kingdom in this way. Sara presents the course material in an easy to learn way. The attended weekends are such a joy.

    A huge big THANK YOU for the way in which you help us to connect with the Flower Essences and enable us to learn so much in such a fun and easy way."

    Dr. Julia Flash
    Anusha Essences
  • jane harris testimonial image
    I would just like to say that I have found Sara to be a very knowledgeable tutor–a real expert in her field not only in the flower kingdom but also with her teaching methods. The support and guidance has been immeasurable through her encouragement, dedication and understanding of all that has been going on in my life.

    I looked at a number of courses when deciding on embarking on a flower essence journey but Sara’s jumped out the most because of the variety and the linking in of more than one modality. Having the 3 weekend workshops was brilliant – it allowed the students to come together but it also allowed a space to discuss face to face the flower essences and how one felt after taking them in a safe environment. I feel this is very important on a course like this.

    If Sara was to do any further courses – whether from a graduation perspective or a course around her own range of essences -  I most certainly would be signing up without any hesitation whatsoever.

    Jane Harris
    La Sanctite
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