Safe, effective, natural flower and gem essences to support your pet at all stages of life.

Marvin Gee (1989 - 2009)

Animals have always been close friends to human beings – as our lives become more stressful, so do theirs and our pets nowadays often manifest many of the “diseases” that we do such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. As we learn more about the role of our emotional health in the creation of all disease, then it must be that when our pets are unwell, they also need emotional support. Our animals also experience many of the same emotions as us – such as anxiety and depression and flower essences are a safe and wonderfully effective treatment for such times. Flower Essences work wonderfully with animals and as they have none of the filters that we have (well this won’t work will it – it’s only a flower essence), so they often respond magnificently and very quickly. It is often a good idea as well to treat the owner of the animal – as animals take on many of our stresses alongside us. So if you feel that treating your emotional health is important – then please also consider the emotional health of your “best friend”.

So when would you use flower essences with animals?

  • Animals – e.g. from rescue shelters who have gone through much upheaval and trauma
  • Pets who are ill or who are about to have or are recovering from surgery
  • Pets on medication – to help relieve their bodies of the toxicity of the medication (i.e. after vaccinations and antibiotics)
  • During stressful times in the home – illness, moving, bereavement, divorce, separation due to holidays
  • To assist with terminally ill pets and/or those that live with serious health issues
  • For grieving animals who have lost their carer or other members of their animal family

Marvin’s Story (1989 - 2009)

Marvin came to live with us at the age of 11. One day out of the blue we found a very handsome well fed looking cat in our back garden. He seemed to be rather intent on staying so after several days of him being there constantly, we left him some food out. And there was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Little did we know at the time that Marvin would also inspire a range of flower essences during his lifetime. We discovered that his previous owner had moved just a few streets away, had come to fetch Marvin (then called Gee) several times but he simply turned around and came back to the gardens where he used to live. It was agreed that Marvin Gee should stay with us if that is what he wanted. Over the years Marvin took many flower essences to help him cope with everyday life. We learned that Marvin had been taken away from his Mum very early on as a kitten and this had resulted in him being a very clingy cat... continued essences to help him with this helped enormously. He also had a pattern of cystitis – so he took many essences to help him manage this condition. He also took glyconutrients for the last 5 years of his life – a nutritional supplement to enhance the immune system. In April 2008 – at age 18 - Marvin had to have a big operation to save his life as he had large stones stuck in his urethra. Normally cats of his age are not offered this kind of radical treatment due to the risks associated with anaesthesia; however Marvin’s blood work was showing a “younger” cat. Our vet was very impressed with his results and said “Well whatever you're doing, keep doing it as it is working for him”. Marvin took his own bottle of flower essences to the vet’s with him and the vet and nurses very kindly agreed to put a couple of drops of essences in their palms and stroke him before and after each anaesthetic and also throughout the day during his week long stay in hospital. He had also had his flower essence put into his water. He was nicknamed “Buddha” by the vet as he was so relaxed and – in the vet’s words “He allowed us to do what was needed to help him”. To everyone’s amazement Marvin sailed through his 3 hour operation and recovered really quickly considering his age and the severity of his condition. He had one hiccup – the stress of the operation and the week away from home tipped him into high blood sugar readings. Tests showed that he was not diabetic before the operation. Thanks to glyconutrients and flower essences Marvin never needed to have medication for this and we managed this at home with focused flower essences, lots of glyconutrients and TLC! And so the work began… Marvin began to inspire the creation of his own range of StrongHeart essences. After 20 long and mostly healthy years, Marvin passed away in November 2009. Flower essences accompanied him throughout his transition and he was prepared for the next part of his journey with his own Senior Pet combination, frequent stroking with Magnolia Essence and floral acupuncture treatments to help him stay peaceful and allow his transition to pass smoothly. Marvin leaves behind his own range of essences called MARVIN'S STRONGHEART ESSENCES… for ALL ANIMALS AND BIRDS, large or small, furred or feathered. Although Marvin is no longer with us, his courage and strong heart remain alive in the essences that carry his name. Since the creation of this small range - with Marvin's guidance - many animals have been helped by their gentle yet profound nature. You can read more animal stories below...

Animal Stories

Here are just some of the animals Marvin’s essences have been able to help – we are always so happy to hear these stories. Please feel free to share with us how your animal has been helped with flower essences.


Hello I’m Poppy and Marvin has asked me to tell you my story. Well, a couple of months ago my left front paw stated to irritate me – one of my toes seemed to have grown a lump which I did my best to get rid of – you know the usual – licking, chewing that sort of thing – but it just got inflamed and irritated and bled all over the house.

My poor well meaning human was at her wit’s end (not a long stretch btw) and took me to the vet several times – under protest I might add. Anyway the vet said the toe would have to be amputated as it was refusing to heal – probably because I just couldn’t resist giving it the odd lick every now and then when she wasn’t looking. They thought it might be something sinister – even more sinister than the twin ginger kittens who insist on lurking outside my cat door. My human was giving me Healing Herbs 5 flower remedy at the time as I do hate going to the vet and since they had also discovered I have a thyroid condition we were back and forth rather a lot. Soooo – long story short – this flower essence lady sent me some Alaskan Animal Care Essence as well as a special exclusive Poppy remedy, to prepare me for the surgery and help me recover. My human was a bag of nerves about the whole thing (typical) but hey what’s the big deal? The nurses in the vets applied my essences by stroking me with a couple of drops on their hands… mmmmmmm… lovely… totally chilled. Am convinced that’s what got me through the surgery unscathed and alert with no after effects at all from the anaesthetic. With regular applications of both my essences and a helping of glyconutrients in my food morning and evening I was ripping out my own stitches within a week as I could tell my paw was completely healed. The fur grew back in about 10 days (not a good look that baldy thing) and now I am even having essences to help with my thyroid condition and erm… isn’t it dinner time yet?. Oh the toe?? No don’t miss it at all…

Barney – 19 year old cat

Barney first began having epileptic type fits after the sudden death of his sister when he was 11. They subsided for several years but at age 17 they began again with severity. Barney’s owners took him to the vet’s who advised further tests and medication; however his owners wanted him to live as natural a life as possible and were very open to trying essences first.

Barney’s condition was stabilised by using a rescue formula of essences for several weeks – he went from having several fits a day to none at all… Barney was then given his own personal mix of essences to help him deal with the grief he was holding due to his sister dying; also essences to de-stress and help his “senior citizen” physiology deal with the challenges of this time of life. Barney takes drops on his food twice a day and has continued doing this since July 07 when he first began taking them. He now very occasionally has mini-fits which last a second or two and is otherwise happy, very talkative and is actually rather jaunty for his age… Barney update Jan 2010 Barney, now 19½ years young, is still very vocal and continues to amaze us with his zest for food! He’s a frail skinny old thing with arthritic back legs and has survived renal failure: he no longer likes being picked up and is quite forgetful at times. His antics continue to amuse: despite having 1 basket and 2 soft beds, he sleeps on the floorboards in the middle of the hall between 3 doorways, the front door and 2 stairs effectively covering all entry and exit points! His alternative option is the straw basket WE were going to use, before he decided that turned on its side it made a great snoozing place. Although Barney is on a renal food diet he still takes “Barney’s Blend” to prevent fits and starflower (Isotoma) essence from his favourite flower (see photo of Barney sitting underneath an Isotoma plant). Cherry Plum is most effective for trauma or stress, Marvin’s Peaceful Place mister when he’s agitated and Senior Pet when he’s stiff and creaky. Plus, of course, his daily glyconutrients. What an honour and privilege to still have him with us, even if he does drive us to distraction. But hey, that’s what cats do. As someone said when asked: what is the purpose of cats? There is no purpose, they just are. – Pam Baum Barker

Hero – 16 year old dog

Like many animals Hero hated fireworks and during the lead up to firework night got very distressed. Hero’s owners found that by putting flower essences into his food and water during this period greatly reduced his fear and although he still didn’t appreciate the noise, he now shook and cried a lot less.

Susie the cat

Massage therapist Karen Jefferies, whose cat Susie passed away a few years ago would like to share this story of Susie. Susie was diabetic and had insulin injections daily. “ I used the Australian Bush Essence Peach flowered Tea tree for Susie’s diabetes. I also doused for the quantity of each dose of insulin, which was reduced by half by the essence. It also improved her state of health whilst Rescue remedy soothed her after trips to the vets. Great vibrational remedies”.

Patch’s Story

Unfortunately last year Patch was stung by a Wasp, which left him very afraid of Wasps & any Flying Insects. He seemed to be getting worse this year; he would sit in his cage & shake so much his cage rattled.  Also Patch seemed to be spending most of his time in his cage as he was too frightened to move. Patch was a very frightened little Dog & not acting like himself at all, we also found out he has a loose Patella on his kneecap.  After reading about how distressed Patch was getting on my Facebook page a Friend suggested I visited Essentially Flowers Facebook Page – Which I did & asked Sara if she could suggested anything which may help to calm Patch & also help his Kneecap.  Sara suggested using Peaceful Pet for Patch; we have been using the Peaceful Pet for a week now. We are very pleased with the results as Patch is calmer & more like his old self, he plays like he used to plus he looks a lot happier. He loves having the Peaceful Pet stroked onto his leg & he isn’t limping so much as he was. Patch is enjoying his walks again & running with our other two Dogs; it’s so lovely to see him more like his old self.

All I can do is Thank Sara so much for her help & for the wonderful Peaceful Pet as we now have a much more Peaceful Patch. – With Thanks & Gratitude Patch & his Family

Scooby – My Experience with Peaceful Pet

My name is Scooby and I am a Boxer. I am two years old. At the beginning of August 2010 my Mum and Dad took me to see the vet because I had been lame on my left hind leg for a couple of months and I when I stood I didn’t want to put any weight on it. I always hold my leg off the ground. The Vet was very nice and he said that I had the classic symptoms of Cruciate Ligament problems. I went back the following week to have x-rays and this meant that I had to have an anaesthetic. The x-rays confirmed the problem and I was booked for the operation for a week later. During this week I had a little bit of shortness of breath but otherwise ok. When I went to have the operation my Mum asked to check my chest beforehand but all seemed absolutely ok. So they went ahead with the op. The result of the operation was that my Vet was not finding what he expected to find and wanted to have a second opinion before taking out the cruciate ligament.

Understandable, I am glad he decided that. Even though I had to go through that I would want them to be absolutely sure that they were treating the right problem. Anyway when my Mum picked me up I had a horrendous chest infection which she was told was a result of the two anaesthetics. I was having a lot of problems breathing and I was coughing the whole time. Mum took me home and started the antibiotics. She was up all night for 3 nights with me, giving me Reiki and cupping my chest every time I coughed to keep the mucous moving. I improved a little on the antibiotics and my operation wound was healing really well but I was still coughing and having difficulty breathing. Mum spoke to Sara who sent some Peaceful Pet. I had to have another course of antibiotics and I started to have Peaceful Pet as well. Mum massaged it into my ears and down my front legs and paws. Well, it was lovely and soothing and I improved a whole lot quicker. My chest improved and I could breathe more easily. It was decided that I would not see the Specialist Vet until I was completely clear of this infection as Mum did not want me to go through this again. She started to spray my bed with Peaceful Place and when I went in for the second operation at the specialists they sprayed it all over my bed there. I was definitely a lot calmer and I did not have any problems after this operation. I did have my Cruciate ligament taken out and one of the meniscus taken out (which was rare) and a plate put in to replace the ligament. I am recovering well but it is taking a long time and I am still not running on the beach yet (November 2010) but I hope it won’t be too much longer. I am continuing with the Peaceful Pet and Peaceful Place because I find it really comforting and calming and it absolutely helped my chest to recover from the infection. Thank you, Sara.

Sophie’s Story (written September 2008)

Lynlinkie Snowy Pearl was about 18 months old, when she agreed to come and share my life. She was an 18 month old Blue/Cream Tortie Burmese cat, known as Sophie to her friends. I had always wanted a cat to call my own and just adored the affectionate, human-loving nature of Burmese. I had vowed one day to find my feline soul mate, never guessing that when I did, our partnership would last for 18+ years, so far.

It’s hard to describe the joy that Sophie has given me over the years. Suffice to say, I decided that she could share my bedroom at night, and made her a lovely cosy place at my feet, on top of the bedcovers. She, however, was adamant that she intended to spend the rest of her life snuggled into any part of me that she chose, under the duvet at night, on my lap, inside my cardigan or in the back of my chair during the day. The pattern was set and this mutual adoration has continued ever since. For anyone not acquainted with the fun loving nature of ’Barmy Burmese'...Our home in Essex, had the intruder alarm adapted, so that she could move about freely when it was set. However Sophie discovered that if she jumped to the top of a particular cabinet in the middle of the night, she could wake the entire neighbourhood and get some extra cuddles. The alarm was switched off at night after several such episodes. This trick was never performed during the day, when no-one was there to attend to her insatiable need for human contact. Sophie has had a heart murmur for some years since she underwent a standard procedure for an abscess. Her heart stopped; she was resuscitated with CPR and adrenalin but the Vet thought that her optic cortex had been damaged. For 3 days she had taken no notice of food, water or anything else. I was asked to take her home and see if she improved in her own environment. On arrival home I tenderly lifted her out of her travel case, whereupon she jumped down, ate a whole bowl of boiled chicken (a special treat!) drank half a bowl of water, strode across the room to her litter tray and howled with joy to be back where she belonged. Her eyes were fine and so was her enormously loud purr. I have learned never to underestimate the cunning and determination of a Burmese. In the past 2 years, Sophie’s health has deteriorated; she has now gone blind and almost entirely deaf; she also has a kidney malfunction but with the help of fortnightly antibiotic injections; monthly kidney support plus vitamins, she has kept relatively well. About 3 months ago Sophie started to become stressed at night, waking me every hour or so. Her loud Burmese howls of indignation when she couldn’t find me were very distressing to us both. Neither my extremely caring Vet, nor I thought that sedation was the best route but I needed my sleep! She offered me a bottle of Marvin’s Peaceful Pets drops to try. Wonderful! 4 drops on her late night meal and we both manage 5-6 hours of sleep. If she gets agitated during the day I just stroke 4 drops onto her fur and she calms within minutes. I am also spraying her sleeping places with Marvin’s Peaceful Places (she smells like a flower garden when she snuggles up to my cheek for cuddles, as well as settling down in her snoozer whenever the mood is on her). Sophie sadly passed away on New Year’s Day 2009 I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my beloved Sophie puss finally decided she had had enough. The kidney problem she had fought so bravely for many years, overtook her suddenly on New Year’s Eve and, after a night of pacing the floor cuddling her, trying to ease her discomfort, I decided not to let her suffer any longer. On New Year’s Day I took her to be euthanised. Marvin’s Peaceful Pet drops and The Peaceful Place mister certainly made the last few months a nicer environment for her, she loved it when I sprayed her sleeping places so that the flower essences could calm her. As well as adding a few drops of Peaceful Pet to her food, I would smooth some over her coat which caused her to lay quietly on my lap. I even sprayed the fluffy blanket in which I wrapped her for her final ride to the vets. She snuggled quietly in my arms, as though she knew this was the last trip. Thank you and Marvin for the benefits you brought to an old cats final months.

Sid’s Story 

Handsome boy-cat Sid, seven years old on March 12th 2010, my grandson’s 10th Birthday Present from his parents, came to live with me at 8 weeks old: Sid could not live with Tom at home: his father has asthma. When Tom’s mother chose Sid from the lively litter, he kept his eyes shut and didn’t make a sound. Was he unwell? We learned that the mother cat had abandoned the kittens when they were a few days old, returning after about 48 hours. The family had hand-fed the litter, round the clock, with milk from droppers. The kittens and their mother had more to contend with: the family’s large dog was allowed to run freely around them.

Sid, named after “Six-Dinner-Sid,” the well-known children’ book, was hungrily demanding food at once. He was indeed a six dinner kitten, to become a three-dinner cat! Tom was thrilled, but unfortunately, Sid hated being picked up, or stroked, or handled. Everywhere he chose to lie he defended aggressively as his personal territory. When I moved him or picked him up I was covered with scratches. I hoped that he would respond to the early-start handling that leads to the well-adjusted adult cat. The one touch he loves is gently rubbing the insides of his ears! Tom was afraid to stroke him after Sid scratched him too, though he played with a rolling ball or paper dangled from string. It seemed we had a traumatized cat. I began to handle him only for his ‘spot-on’ flea treatment, or taking him to the vets. When Sid was two years old, I was taking the advice of a cat magazine veterinary nurse: “It may be a loss for you, but it’s best not to stroke Sid unless he seeks you out. Imposing attention is likely to stimulate an attack because you cannot determine his underlying emotional state. Limit interaction to talking and ‘hands off’ play.” By the time he was 5, Sid was accepting some stroking, and the attacks were becoming less frequent, but last year, he made a long claw-tear in my arm that took time to heal. Then I saw Sara’s beautiful and informative website: My daughter had herself benefited from these, and we all know about Marvellous Marvin, Sara’s Cat! So Sid was given a five-flower remedy to be given as drops on his food twice a day. We are all so pleased and relieved to say that Sid is calmer, and has ‘misbehaved’ twice only since starting treatment. And now he now jumps up on my lap in the evenings – snuggling up and purring!! We wait to see if Sid jumps on Tom’s lap!

Waldo’s Story

Waldo is the chocolate coloured cat on the right. I got Waldo as a kitten – he was 11 weeks old. I hadn’t particularly wanted a Siamese cat, it was just that a friend of mine was a breeder and offered him to me -in fact, I’d never even seen a Siamese before then.

Waldo came to live with me in October 1992 in my little flat in Greenwich. Right from the beginning, we were crazy about each other and he has been an important part of my life and also Frank’s (my husband) ever since. We’ve all moved house 5 times over the years. In the photo, you can see Freddie (on the left) and Rupert (the kitten) – Waldo was about 10 then and the eldest of the three. This was taken about 8 years ago and Freddie died not long after the picture was taken so it was just Waldo and Rupert for a long time. They used to have a great time together, playing, chasing each other cuddling each other and us – Rupert was a bit shy and Waldo looked out for him and protected him. Even though Waldo was getting old, up to last summer he was still lively and enjoying life at 17 when Rupert died very suddenly of a heart attack aged 8. Waldo started to make the most heart rending howling noise at night and he seemed inconsolable. We took him to the vet who explained that he wasn’t ‘upset’ in the way we understand it, he was just looking for Rupert – we weren’t convinced. Anyway, just to make matters worse for Waldo, we moved house last October and he started to cry even more and was losing weight. A friend recommended flower essences so I asked Sara’s advice. She suggested I try the Peaceful Pet essence – I was happy to try anything at this stage, especially we were going to Australia over Christmas and leaving our son and his fiancé looking after Waldo. Amazingly, he stopped crying and seems to be enjoying his life again. He’s still very frail because he’s so old but I feel he’s not unhappy. I don’t use the essence every day – I sometimes rub it on him and occasionally put drops in his water. I’m so pleased that the last part of Waldo’s life is peaceful.

Mozart’s Story 

I have owned my cat Mozart since he was 6 months old, & on 7/3/09 we celebrated his 18th Birthday with Birthday cake & scampi for tea!

Mozart is an absolutely adorable tabby & white cat & I love him to bits. He started his life living in a music studio owned by a music teacher who named him. He had a ginger tabby brother called Handel. Unfortunately the music teacher could not keep the kittens as she was very asthmatic. I got to hear about these kittens needing a new home through a friend of my mother’s – and I had always wanted a tabby cat. And when I first saw Mozart I could not resist him, & we brought him home. Handel went to live on a farm. Once settled in, Mozart’s lovely personality began to shine through. He has always been so nice, friendly & affectionate & ALWAYS pleased to see me. He loves people & always miaows a lot for attention when visitors first arrive. He loves sitting on my lap & being stroked & cuddled, & the he’ll suddenly jump off, enough is enough, as cats do! He was a very lively kitten & young cat & used to have mad half hours where he’d dash about frantically & then he’d flop down & roll on his back to be stroked. Mozart has just always loved attention, & my family tell me he is spoilt! He has slowed down a bit now, but is still the same old lovely gentle Mozart, & now occasionally jumps up on the fence & on to my next door neighbour’s flat shed roof to watch the world go by. He has five beds, but his current favourite is a big cardboard box (that he won a cat toy in) with a blanket – he is gradually moving in to the box! He is the nicest cat I have ever owned & he has very funny habits. Whenever I am on the telephone he will come & jump on my lap & miaow loudly for my attention so that the caller can hear him, & then he’ll settle down & apparently go to sleep. He just likes to be included & as soon as I say goodbye he jumps off my lap & trots back to his box..He does this 9/10 times when I on the phone – I’ve never known a cat like him! Mozart is very special & unique, & likes to follow me about the house when I’m doing jobs & join in. A few years ago Mozart was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid & problems with his kidneys & takes daily medication for these complaints & has monthly injections at the Vets to help his kidneys. His health has been up & down & he has been quite poorly at times, but he always rallies & gets better again once he’s been to the vet & had lots of TLC at home. Then last year I was introduced to Sara Turner & discovered her lovely Flower Essences website & heard that she treated animals as well as humans. I had an hour long in-depth telephone consultation with Sara all about Mozart (and yes Mozart was on my lap miaowing) & Sara asked me lots of questions about Mozart & his life story. Sara made Mozart a bottle of Flower Essences especially for him & I give him 2 drops in his food or water morning & evening and the Essences have perked him up in himself & his health is keeping steady. Mozart still has lots of spirit, but he was losing weight & getting matted bits in his fur. So this year Sara recommended that I give Mozart some Glyconutrients . I give Mozart 1/4 teaspoon Glyconutrients powder mixed in his wet food morning & evening & it literally melts in to the food within seconds with a little stir, & even better Mozart eats it! Since taking the Glyconutrients, Mozart is gradually putting on little bits of weight each month & his coat is improving & is softer. I am so impressed I’ve started taking the Glyconutrients myself. The Vet says Mozart has confounded us!! I am so pleased I was put in touch with Sara, & Mozart & I are very appreciative of all her help & advice. Thank you Sara.

Bender’s Story

It was around 11pm on a Friday night – I was in utter turmoil, my lovely old rescue cat Bender had been diagnosed 3 weeks ago with diabetes and this evening I had gone to the vets to do my first practice injection on him. I am needle phobic, I run away in doctors surgeries if my mum is not there to keep me seated when I have a blood test, I feel sick if I see a picture of a needle and yet I had to get used to the act that every day I would now be injecting my cat, who I love to the point of obsession, and today , my first practice had gone terribly – I shook so much I hurt my poor little frail old boy! Coming home convinced that I would Never be able to do this I started to browse the internet- looking for ideas, help, anything! And quite by absolute chance, and I will never know why this happened I found Sara’s site and the whole section about flower essences for pets. I sent an email and my goodness – Sara replied at that late hour and for the first time in 3 weeks I felt a glimmer of hope! I arranged to see her the next Monday and after talking through Benders case (and my own aversion) she mixed me up a blend that we could both use. Off I go to the vets a few days after, having ingested a fair amount of the cats flower essence – and calmly and without a shake took up the needle – I rubbed a few drops on bender’s ears before I started and did it! Not a flinch from either of us! On Bender's return we both continued to use the essence and I am pleased to report that he continues to make excellent progress! Bender is actually off the insulin now – his diabetes controlled by food and a decrease in his steroids (he has an allergy to himself!) – all under the vets care of course, but I do wonder if Sara’s blend had an impact on this too – what I do know is that it helped me to cope with what I most feared and I am sure that in itself had a positive knock on effect to my lovely old boy. Thanks Sara and best wishes from Bender too.

Florie’s Story

My rabbit Florie had a traumatic experience of being attacked by a fox in the garden for the second time in his life. I used Marvin’s essence as soon as I could everyday and to be honest the recovery time was astonishing. Rabbits are notoriously nervous and can die from shock in a fox attack. Florie was happy to return to the garden and his normal self within 5 days which was amazing. Now I use the essence now and then. He’s a house rabbit and he doesn’t like change in the house, like moving furniture , DIY etc so it’s important he feel safe and comfortable in the house. Florie took Marvin’s Secure Pet Essence.

Twinkle’s Story

I’d like to thank you and Marvin, who left a wonderful legacy in his flower essence range for animals like me.

Shirley was very concerned that I would take the house move badly, but as soon as I moved in I felt quite at home, thanks in no small measure to Marvin’s wonderful ‘Secure Pet’ essence. In fact, on the second evening, when I was lying peacefully on my back with my feet in the air on her lap, she wondered if she might have overdone the drops! Anyway a week later she let me out and, apart from jumping over a high fence and disappearing for a couple of hours, I behaved myself. Now I have my cat flap there is no stopping me. Thank you so much. – Twinkle Everson

Wayne’s Story

My husband and I recently decided to go away for 3 months break from our snowy, cold and dark home location to a place warmer and sunnier. The bad news was that the place we were going to rent did not allow pets.  Our 10 year old cat, Wayne, is my constant companion and I was saddened that I was having to choose between being with my husband of 42 years or being with our cat!

Sara rushed to my rescue by sending me Marvin’s essences of Positive Pet, Secure Pet, and Peaceful Pet. Thankfully, the woman caring for our cat is used to essences and was happy to give them all to Wayne to help his transition from our quiet existence to that of a full household complete with kids and lots of comings and goings. The cat sitter sent me regular reports on Wayne. He had some trouble adjusting at first until Marvin’s essences arrived. As soon as she got them, she gave them to Wayne in his water, or put them in her hand and rubbed them on his fur. She said he calmed down right away with them, and soon enough, he jumped into their bed, laid his head on their pillow, and fell asleep, feeling part of the family! When we returned, Wayne was a very happy and well cared for pet. He had no trouble at all transitioning back to our home and seemed as if he had just had the nicest of vacations himself! Thank you to Marvin, and to you, Sara, for making these wondrous essences that make such a difference in the lives of our animals. Such a service you and Marvin have done for these furry creatures we so love.