Welcome to the Moonflower Essences shop

Here you will find our collections of Flower and Vibrational Essences, some made with sunlight, others made in moonlight, and others with specialised emphasis for targeted qualities that you may be seeking to help balance your life or help facilitate a shift for a particular issue.

These unique essences have been made in the UK since 2005 and more recently in South West France and have a special place for Sensitive Souls. Just like the cooling moonlight rays, MoonFlower Essences remind us of our innate magic and potential, and our connection to the nature and celestial kingdoms and in doing so can provide healing support and guidance to All who Feel their Call.

We hope you enjoy meeting the MoonFlowers and let us know if you have questions or need assistance in making your selections.


How to Use and Take MoonFlower Essences

Thank you for your interest in MoonFlower Essences - flower essences are so easy and safe to take! In this video I share with you some creative suggestions for using your MoonFlower Essences. Whether you are taking essences for your own healing or are a Practitioner using our range, this video is for you.