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Super Seed Monthly Membership

This is your space to continue your journey as a Seed for as long as you wish-

to ensure your income reaches a consistent and confident £1,000 per month

I know from my own personal experience that this work is SO hard to do on our own - and for this reason and because I want to support you in realising your dream of growing your healing business, I’d love to continue to support you.


Why Join Us?

Retain access to your Seed Materials and benefit from updates to materials as they evolve.

Uplevel to 2 Support Calls per month! Continue to join our monthly call and also benefit from an extra call just for Super Seed members each month

Retain access to Manifesting with the Moon and our monthly New Moon Alignments!


Are you Ready to Join our Bud Empowered Healer Programme?

If your income is already at a consistent £1,000 per month or above and you are looking for the next step materials, more support, including 1:1s with Sara Estelle, quarterly group deep dives and being surrounded by Healers who have more evolved businesses, then our Bud programme is the place for you.

Book via the button below to have a chat with Sara about whether the Bud programme is right for you. Once you have booked, we will send over the full programme details.

9 Reasons to Stay Supported as an Empowered Healer

  • Don’t risk losing momentum. Could you do it alone? I know I couldn’t!
  • Continue to take aligned steps forward and implement new strategies - all in sacred space and with guidance
  • Have your questions answered in our live monthly group meeting - feel secure that the answers you need are there for you as you reach each new level of your business growth
  • Find Accountability - don’t go back to doing it all alone
  • Know that answers to your questions are never more than 6 days away!
  • Take advantage of your monthly Get It Done Morning to implement your visions
  • Now you have learned, it’s time to implement!
  • Belong to a tribe of energy based healers - all deeply committed to transforming their healing gifts into successful and aligned businesses
  • Be part of a close knit community - who are willing to stand for you and hold you in your power when you cannot do this for yourself.

Super Seed Support is available for as long as you want, for £95 per month



I wanted to move forward with my business and personal goals. I was unfocused with my planning and intention setting and there wasn’t enough structure to my business. I didn’t have many clients and wanted to find a way to build my business. Since moving into the next stage of the Empowered Healer programme, I have more regular clients and am gaining new ones all of the time. My pricing is far better and I am aligned with my life purpose. My focus and direction of where I want to take my business is much clearer. Personally I feel happier and more content with life. It’s a fantastic journey and affects all parts of your life in really positive ways. Learning how to manifest and take your business forwards in aligned and purposeful ways changes everything!

Before starting Manifesting with the Moon, I didn’t actually have a business. I knew what I wanted to do but it was very vague and felt a long way off. I didn’t have any clarity, couldn’t focus and lacked the confidence and know how to take the first steps necessary to start up my business. I moved straight into the Empowered Healer Seed Programme and then the Bud and Bloom Programmes. I have found the clarity to align with my life purpose, define my mission and the confidence to be able to take the necessary steps forward. Don’t waste time thinking about moving into the next phase of the Empowered Healer programme - just do it! It’s a win win situation.

Before investing in the Empowered Healer programme, I didn’t know how to market myself and I was actually afraid to charge “too much”. I had no real direction and left most things to chance. I often felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights with no real idea of what to do next. I was also really under-pricing what I did and wasn’t able to create boundaries around who I worked with so wasn’t connecting with the most aligned clients. Since moving to the next level of the Empowered Healer programme, I charge more for what I do and the clients I work with are very aligned. I am a lot more structured and can time manage more efficiently. I am also more able to work towards a specific goal and take steps to actually reach it. I have a much better relationship with my finances. If you are wondering whether the next step of this programme is for you – it is a gift to yourself. The support is excellent and regular meetings and accountability really make you focus and get things done.