Working With Nature: Ten Flower Essences eBook - Sara Estelle Turner

Working With Nature

Ten Flower Essences to Infuse your Healing Practice with the Magic of the Nature Kingdom

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of flower essences to choose from and just don’t know where to begin, I really hope you will enjoy reading My Top Ten Flower Essences that I truly believe belong in every complementary health practice. In my own practice and training courses, I use flower essences from many different ranges from all around the world. For this e-book, I have chosen to share 10 essences from 4 different ranges:

The Ten Essences shared in this book will help you, your family and your clients:

  • Deal with the shocks and traumas of life
  • Keep your own and your practice’s energy clear and vibrant
  • Feel confident and empowered as a Practitioner (of whatever modality you are expert in)
  • With female well-being
  • Let go of the past and step into your true calling